Beset by Hardships, Yet Compassionate

Despite the lack of good governance, low standard of living, poor infrastructure and myriad daily inconveniences that task their lives, Ethiopians still have it in them to care for the weakest among them, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

European Model of Progress Matches Ethiopian Temperament

Development has to get the consent of the governed, or it fails to meet its goals. The European model of progress, based on renewal, raising the quality of life and transforming existing neighbourhoods into modern centres, helps to retain the cultural and historical heritage that people care about, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Renewal in Addis Equals Unnecessary Demolitions

While urban development is important, Addis Abeba is suffering from haphazard attempts at repairs, installations and cleanup activities. The authorities should not deal with urban decay through demolitions, but by making coordinated efforts to conserve and improve, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Ethio-Eritrean Rapprochement Adds to Optimism

The feeling of optimism and hope evident in the public continue with the arrival of the Eritrean President Issayas Afeworki in Addis Abeba last weekend. It is another development that heralded reconciliation between adversaries, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Old Neighbourhoods Deserve the Authorities’ Attention

The lack of maintenance in parts of the city that have cultural and historical importance still confronts the city. Just as unfortunate is the gentrification that seems to pay little attention to the needs and wants of the residents there, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Ethiopians Have Yet to Learn How to Disagree

Building a nation with various opposing forces within it remains easier said than done. We have to resort to an old tradition of conflict resolution, Shengo, which is appropriate today given the divergent voices that are coming, writes Ambessaw Assegued  (

Nation’s Audacity for Hope

The rally on June 23 was as significant as it was unexpected. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the rally, which was unfortunately cut short by an explosion. But it was the feeling of solidarity and the endorsement of a united Ethiopia that won out, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Original ‘Spencerite’ Path to Ethio-Eritrea Relations

With the Executive Committee of the EPRDF’s decision to implement the Algiers Agreement without preconditions, the debate over the fate of the two nations relationship has intensified. While many opinions have been forwarded, the original idea by John H. Spencer still applies, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Build but Not with Reckless Abandon

There is a cost to a statist approach to economic development. It is not only inept at failing to allocate resources to a point that they are used the most productively. It is also too narrow sighted to consider the costs to individuals and the environment, writes AMBESSAW ASSEGUED(

Coarse Customer Service: Insult to Injury of Weak Economy

Ethiopia is a developing country where service provision rarely meets expectations. Just as jarring is having to deal with customer service in cases where the service rendered or the good bought is faulty, writes Ambessaw Assegued (

Autocratic Rule: ‘See, Even the Americans Do It’

On the night of the 2016 election in the United States, a group of men from the Ethiopian Diaspora are sitting and chatting away at a table of a popular…

Short End of the Rule of Law

Incidents in urban cities, where those that have run afoul of the rules are dealt with punishment right there on the streets, either by law enforcement officers or even civilians, have become too common, writes Ambessaw Assegued (

Those Who Can Don’t Teach

The debate over the education system never seems to abate as the multitude of graduates that are flooding the workplace are leaving much to be desired when it comes to skill. This flaw mainly emanates from the quality of the teachers in higher learning institutions, writes Ambessaw Assegued (

Why Cities Smell Bad

One of the most intractable challenges Addis Abeba has faced for decades is the manner of waste disposal in the city. But it is not just the capital, as urban cities such as Adama too grapple with the problem. Lack of it has led to streets that are often flooded and, worse, smell bad, writes Ambessaw Assegued  (

Today’s Political Evolution Better than Yesterday’s Revolutions

Ethiopia experienced two major political revolutions in the past century, either of which has not been successful in realising an utterly politically stable nation. Today’s political atmosphere seems to be different though in that the movement is towards a goal that both the public and the leaders can agree on, writes Ambessaw Assegued (

The Chinese Conundrum

The Chinese have become one of the foremost investors in Ethiopia, not to mention the number one bilateral creditor of the nation. But there are drawbacks to such dependency on a single country, in debt accumulation or the loss of policy sovereignty, writes Ambessaw Assegued (


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