Corruption on Top of Tax Addled Nation

The recent outcry to the high estimates imposed upon some taxpayers has added to the outrage felt last year in two of the country’s largest regions. The nation’s stability is being rocked again after a number of officials overseeing large projects were arrested on charges of corruption. All of these events are commingling to elevate the amount of distrust between the government and its constituents.

Modern History of the Press in Ethiopia

Freedom of speech has been lacking from the country for quite some time. The line between expressing one’s ideas and encouraging violence has always been too thin to adequately tell apart. The death of the much-celebrated journalist Negash Gebre Mariam has made most take a closer look at the current status of the media in Ethiopia.

A Fraction of Ethiopia’s History

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It could be found in almost every country or city. To Ethiopians, maybe no variety of coffee can surpass that of their own. But there are places that remind one of home, and the traditional ways of brewing coffee. The Ethiopian themed Belgian Restaurant, Toukoul, which tends the culturally astute, is one.

The Week Before In The Horn of Africa

The previous week was attention captivating. Emperor Haile Selassie and the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi were recognised by the heads of state of the African Union (AU), making a historic decision at the 29th AU Assembly to erect statues in the headquarters compound to honour their contribution to the continent. The recognition of Asmara as a World Heritage Site and the loss of lives and destruction of factories due to torrential rains and floods were another.

Why the Issue of Special Interest Should Pend

The new draft law that intends to identify the special interest of Oromia Regional State in Addis Abeba and the future relations between the city administration and the regional state has sparked a lot of controversy. Without further ado, it would be good to hold the draft back for further discussion and consensus among the people.

What it Takes for Change

As far as life continues, whether for good or bad, change is inevitable. However, if the change is wanted to affect people positively, it has to involve them, recognise the context and should make them own it.

Costs of the State of Emergency

The country has reached the state of emergency because of the negligence of the government to answer the demands of the youth on time. The situation took many lives, damaged national assets and investments and left a bad scar on the image and future development of the nation.

Ghana 5-0 Ethiopia: Humiliation Lingers

The recurrent loss of the national football team concerns and embarrasses a huge fan base. Unless structural and strategic changes are made to the country’s football sports administration and management, reversing the situation seems to be very difficult.

Internet Blockage Undermines Its Vitality

The Internet has become part of daily life without which many things will not be processed. It is a museum where people preserve their culture, mine knowledge, exchange conversation and get information through. Shutting it down for a while darkens the face of life. That is what happened last week.

Time is Ticking for Illegal Migrant Workers

Despite the fact that the deadline for illegal immigrant Ethiopians to leave Saudi Arabia is approaching, all Ethiopians are not registered to come back for many reasons.

54 Years of History

On May 25, 1963, 54 years ago, the OAU was established. During the final hours of the night, the elderly Ethiopian Head of State, Emperor Haile Selassie, could not rest for a short nap. Aided by the diligent Minister of Foreign Affairs Ato Ketema Yifru Dejene, and other Francophone officials,they did everything to bring the two opposing parties to conjoin and make all the member states who were present sign the OAU establishment charter, remembers Girma Feyissa.

Recalling the Eritrean Case

Referring to the historical and cultural commonness of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea and the unbearable consequences of disintegration, it is time now for the two countries to come to reconciliation and if possible to live in a confederation or federation.

Politics Through Entertainment

The mission of the iconic singer, Teddy Afro, may not only be to fulfil the expectation of entertainment. He might be aiming for a bigger unifying factor.

The Precarious State of the Free Press

On 3 May, World Press Freedom Day is celebrated across the Globe. Although it is a reminder to government of the need to respect its commitment to Press Freedom, there has always been a concern for freedom of expression of all views and open debate.

Balance of Economy During Industrialization

When a developing country such as Ethiopia is trying to move out of poverty and become amongst the middle income countries of the world, it could take many options. The idea for achieving this goal seems to be the industrial parks that are sprouting up across the country. These big scale projects would aid the development as well as create jobs, however, the small scale local businesses should not be overlooked.

Time Management’s Crucial Role in Development

We often underestimate the importance of time managiment. Especially in a developing country such as Ethiopia, the value of time is often overlooked. However, any country or individual will not be able to achieve the goals it has set if time management skills are not present.


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