Where do we go from here?

It has been almost six months since the announcement of the state of emergency, following the widespread unrest in the country. The public is waiting to hear from the government regarding the next step. It still is not clear whether the state of emergency will continue or be revoked. In a recent announcement, Siraj Fegessa, minister of defense, detailed the changes that have been made to certain articles of the state of emergency.

Tonnes of Garbage to Clean Up

A mountain of garbage that had accumulated in “koshe” gave way to a land slide that resulted in dozens being killed. People that were living in the area in shelters and makeshift homes were buried under the garbage and lost their lives. The issue shines a light on a recurring problem the city has of disposing of waste that begs a solution.

The Battle Won, But the Journey Continues

Celebration of the victory of Adwa have been taking place last week. There was a lot to celebrate, as it is a historic event. One hundred twenty one years have gone by and the struggle still continues. Even though the battle has been won, foreign cultural trends dominates the new generation.

Football, the Best Politics

Football is maybe the most popular sport in the world, it is watched and played around the world. Even countries like China are showing an interest in the sport and trying to develop their league with international players. But due to the global domination of the sport it can also be a tool used to unite countries and people, maybe even better than politics can.

Pankhurst’s Passing and the Media in Ethiopia

The recent passing of Professor Richard Pankhurst has been the news around all media stations in Ethiopia. A man that has contributed to the history of the country was talked about by radio and TV stations.

The Heartbeat of Transportation Systems

When people travel to a new city or town, they might notice the transportation system, the efficiency or the service. Then they might compare it to the transport system they know from their home country. Sometimes there is a stark difference. In Ethiopia the railway system or the trains are fairly new and still at its infancy stage. But in Brussels the railway industry is booming and well developed.

Traffic as a Metaphor for Orderly Society

In Ethiopia, with the new constructions of roads and highways, the face of the transport system is changing. But compared to the highly organized and strict streets of Brussels it still has a long way to go. When it comes to timeliness of transport services the country is lagging behind. The advancement of technology has also helped the transport systems. Also in Brussels, the concept of pedestrian crossing lines is adhered to at all times without fail.

Parties Need to Talk

Whether it be due to the pressures from the cumulative effect of the combined pressure of the Oromia and Amhara Regional peaceful protests or the threat expected from the newly…

The Unsaid at the Premier’s Address

Watching the Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegne’s address last week, it was not about what he said but what he failed to say that I found striking. While he asserted that…

Sour Note of Corruption

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Memories of Home at Christmas

The hall was later named “Lidet Adarash” meaning the Hall of Christmas derived from the world Christmas gifts of sweets and cakes now common and rather a ritual in Europe from where the Ethiopian Emperor must have copied. The festivities of the holiday began early.

Miruts Yifter: Tribute to a Legend

He was not distracted by what happened to him, unjustly. He never lost hope and never gave into date of birth debacle, but let his craft speak for itself. Amidst wild guesses, it transpired in due time, that he was born in 1935 and lived until his last moment in Toronto, Canada, his adopted country.

New Dam is a Big Win for Ethiopia

The reality is, from the three dams built in the country, 2424 megawatts of power is expected to be generated for Ethiopia. As much as Ethiopia makes international investment a priority, the sustainability of uninterrupted power flow is crucially important.

On the Prime Ministers Take on Ethiopianism

I visited many places, including Asmara, Djibouti and Khartoum. Everywhere I go, I discovered that making speeches on Ethiopia is one thing, not mentioning Ethiopians is as good as saying nothing. I endorse the acknowledgement of the Prime Minister to highlight the linguistic, religious and cultural differences that exists within Ethiopia. Knowing what it takes to constitute a governmental structure is the necessary part of “Ethiopianism”

The Oromo Culture is Something to Embrace

The whole Oromo culture is unique. I have observed it from near and far and it is no wonder, it is starting being recognized around the world. From the way elections are conducted around the signature Oak tree, to the Gaada system itself, it is something to hold and embrace.

Fidel Castro- A Friend in Need Passes Away

The herdsmen claimed that a day before, a passing vehicle of the same model and color had run over their calf and killed it. They were now holding the vehicle’s driver as the one responsible of the alleged crime committed. Our linguistic ability was found to be a conflict resolution rescue. The herdsmen would not move away for anything less than 500 Birr, quite a big sum at the time.


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