The Unsaid at the Premier’s Address

Watching the Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegne’s address last week, it was not about what he said but what he failed to say that I found striking. While he asserted that…

Sour Note of Corruption

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Memories of Home at Christmas

The hall was later named “Lidet Adarash” meaning the Hall of Christmas derived from the world Christmas gifts of sweets and cakes now common and rather a ritual in Europe from where the Ethiopian Emperor must have copied. The festivities of the holiday began early.

Miruts Yifter: Tribute to a Legend

He was not distracted by what happened to him, unjustly. He never lost hope and never gave into date of birth debacle, but let his craft speak for itself. Amidst wild guesses, it transpired in due time, that he was born in 1935 and lived until his last moment in Toronto, Canada, his adopted country.

New Dam is a Big Win for Ethiopia

The reality is, from the three dams built in the country, 2424 megawatts of power is expected to be generated for Ethiopia. As much as Ethiopia makes international investment a priority, the sustainability of uninterrupted power flow is crucially important.

On the Prime Ministers Take on Ethiopianism

I visited many places, including Asmara, Djibouti and Khartoum. Everywhere I go, I discovered that making speeches on Ethiopia is one thing, not mentioning Ethiopians is as good as saying nothing. I endorse the acknowledgement of the Prime Minister to highlight the linguistic, religious and cultural differences that exists within Ethiopia. Knowing what it takes to constitute a governmental structure is the necessary part of “Ethiopianism”

The Oromo Culture is Something to Embrace

The whole Oromo culture is unique. I have observed it from near and far and it is no wonder, it is starting being recognized around the world. From the way elections are conducted around the signature Oak tree, to the Gaada system itself, it is something to hold and embrace.

Fidel Castro- A Friend in Need Passes Away

The herdsmen claimed that a day before, a passing vehicle of the same model and color had run over their calf and killed it. They were now holding the vehicle’s driver as the one responsible of the alleged crime committed. Our linguistic ability was found to be a conflict resolution rescue. The herdsmen would not move away for anything less than 500 Birr, quite a big sum at the time.

Perhaps a Mystery, Who Knows!

The news and stories we hear each day vary from the painful to the uplifting. News of a promising footballer’s untimely and tragic death in Ethiopia was very much the former. An FM radio show, which makes interesting stories out of local anecdotes, focused this week on a case of human perseverance in the face of extreme poverty.

Matters Of Interest

There are some things that happen in the world that catch the attention of people everywhere, regardless of nationality or political leanings. In such cases, as with the recent Presidential election in the United States, people are forced to ask themselves the ‘why’ question. One of these incidents was the tragic and deadly Irrecha celebration in Bishoftu. While the people of Ethiopia were asking themselves ‘why’ the government engaged in a campaign of blame. Now, following the instigation of ‘deep reforms’ that aren’t so deep, the question people seem to be asking themselves is ‘where do we go from here’

Haile Takes Helm of Athletics Federation

Ethiopia’s global image has been nurtured and cultivated since the great marathon champion Abebe Bikila won the 42 kms 195m in 2 hrs. 15 min. record time while running bare foot. This image building has been kept and grown stronger from generation to generation. That image mark has followed me here in Brussels. Every time people ask me and I mention the name Ethiopia they report back and ask me the land of long distance runners?”

Haile to the Rescue

Haile has proven himself to be an exceptional athlete, a shrewd businessman and a great Ethiopian. His legacy of starting the Great Run has earned the country recognition and promoted the country as a great tourist destination. It can never be underestimated and should be celebrated.

City Hall Was to Lead Reducing Congestion

Timing of mobility is basic. It should be recognized that in collaboration with taxi drivers, transport companies as well as pedestrian passengers and students, City Hall, can best identify traffic originating spots and destinations at different times of the day. Churches, market places, hospitals, stadiums and wherever large people are to gather, is where more research is needed to solve congestion. Public transportation is a great solution to lessen the demands placed on roads. Experts can also look at dividing the city into big square tables and provide the city transport services better alternative routes and short cuts in order to explore traffic blockage.

Little More Than Formalities in Chancellor’s Frosty Visit

The shutdown of the Internet, following the announcement of a state of emergency in the country, did not serve to hide the reality of the discontent being felt in parts of the country from the German Chancellor. Her visit, although positive in it’s main purpose – the opening of the new African Peace and Security Council – was more frosty than may have otherwise been the case.

Merkel Aims to Stem Migration Flows from Africa

German-Ethio relations stretch back many years, whether it be through culture, quality import products, research or medical facilities. With Chancellor Merkel paying a visit to Ethiopia this week, the focus, however, will be on stemming the flow of migrants from Africa to the EU. Though Merkel herself has become known for extending her hands to welcome migrants by the million, a couple of unfortunate events have led to many opposing her open door policy.


The annual Errecha celebrations should be a time to indulge in cultural appreciation, while focusing on hope, peace and stability across the nation. There should be no room for politics to enter the fray. This year’s celebrations will go down in history as a very dark day for Ethiopia, after several people lost their lives following a stampede triggered by political disagreements.


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