The annual Errecha celebrations should be a time to indulge in cultural appreciation, while focusing on hope, peace and stability across the nation. There should be no room for politics to enter the fray. This year’s celebrations will go down in history as a very dark day for Ethiopia, after several people lost their lives following a stampede triggered by political disagreements.

The Patient Diagnosing the Doctors

Painkillers are a temporary measure to reduce distress, while failing altogether to get to the root cause of the problem. It is through a similar response that the EPRDF are attempting to appease the frustrations and rebellions of an increasing number of the Ethiopian population. This is evidenced in the current delays in the commencement of Ethiopia’s academic year, with meetings being held to temporary dampen the heat, as opposed to cutting off additional fuel for the fire.


The equality, which is supposed to be embraced throughout the regions of Ethiopia, has become little more than the annual cultural shows broadcast across the country. The time has come for the ruling EPRDF party to listen to the voices of the opposition and make good on its promises for reform.

The 15 Year Performance Assessment

With the ruling party’s latest exercise in what it describes as ‘deep renewal’ to amend itself of self-serving members with state powers than working towards an improved social order, there is a great deal of skepticism among political commentators and the public at large. With the appearance of the veteran EPRDFites on a lengthy TV interview, any hope of a paradigm shift in leadership is waning thin. Even judging by some of those who appeared on the show, the Front’s commitment to address the core problems is questioned given their tarnished reputation associated with corruption.

Ethiopian Lives Matter

The question of how the leader of any nation can give the green light for the killing of peaceful protesters is a question many in Ethiopia are currently asking. The anger, fear and distrust this creates – alongside other concerns, such as embezzlement and corruption – is threatening the government’s credibility.

Going Underground

Despite heavy investment in Addis Abeba’s transport systems, there are still clear indications of its inadequacy in serving the city’s ever expanding population. Long queues at bus lines, roads crammed full of traffic and an increasing number of road accidents are examples of such indicators. With time such an important component of a nation’s growth and prosperity, going underground might well be a solution to the capital’s transport issues.

The Importance of Planning

The realisation of any vision requires coordinated planning, and this is especially true when it comes to a nation’s development. Electricity and water are two of the basic services that residents of any city worldwide should expect to be afforded, uninteruppted. Despite heavy investment, however, a lack of coordination in planning, alongside other limiting factors, has resulted in many unhappy residents in Ethiopia’s capital city in this regard.

Wedlock, Ethiopian Style

While couples exchange intimate vows to cherish and support each other in sickness and in health till death do them apart might appear as a fairly achievable proposal, as couples experience the every day intricacies of a wed lock, it becomes evident that more is needed to maintain the well-being of the wedding than just a wedding day vow. The importance of marriage cannot be underestimated as it is the bedrock upon which families, societies and nations are built upon. In this light, a happily married population makes for a more stable nation. It lays the foundation for engendering civility and peace among new generations.

Ethiopia and the Olympics

Ethiopians have been synonymous with long distance running ever since the barefoot Abebe Bikela won the Rome marathon. This has given the nation a foothold in global sport, with athletes like Haile Gebre Selassie, heralded worldwide for their achievements. At this year’s Olympics, however, Ethiopia have been in the press for the wrong reasons, while their competitiveness has been restricted by the unfair scheduling of pre-qualification.

Gonder Peaceful Protest in Allegiance to Similar in Oromia Region

Gondar is famous worldwide for its incredible 16th century castle, and forms a key part of northern Ethiopia’s incredible history. Last week, however, the city was in the news for a different reason. Thousands of people from all across the region took to the streets to protest against the powers that be, waving the old tricolour flag and expressing allegiance with the Oromo protesters. With major political angst being expressed in two of the world’s major powers, the UK and the US, the question is – where could this lead?

Ethio-Eritrean Relations Revisited

As has been the case between the US and Cuba, who recently put aside 60 years of dispute to open progressive dialogue, Ethiopia and Eritrea could finally sit around the negotiating table once more. Indeed, there are no other countries in this part of Africa better suited to taking positive steps towards greater integration, peace and understanding. Ato Abay Tsehaye, one of the senior special advisors to the Prime Minister, could well be the man to steer the ship in this direction.

Hardships of Living in Addis

Addis Abeba is a city besieged by a number of problems, with transport and electricity high up on the list. Despite the new light railway, minibuses, microbuses, taxis, bajaj and personal motor vehicles, thousands of people are seen lining the streets or terminals throughout the city patiently waiting to hop on board. Navigating the ever-expanding capital is no easy task either, with few street names, house numbers or even a proper map to speak of. One positive development, however, according to Girma Feyissa, is the renovation of the Addis Abeba-Djibouti railway, which he describes as the life blood of the country’s import and export outlets.

Was Dam Agenda Behind Netanyahu’s East African Trip?

The visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to four east African nations has raised a few eyebrows. The author of this piece, Girma Feyissa, questions whether the fact that four riparien nations, sharing the same philosophical stance towards the equitable and fair distribution of the waters, were included is simply coincidence. With the construction of the Hidasse Dam mega project well underway, we will soon discover the outcomes of his trip.

The Hana Mariam Clash and its Impacts

The timing and manner of the recent demolition of houses built on ‘illegally occupied land’ in Addis Abeba, which led to deadly skirmishes, highlights the deeply vexed relationship of the society. In face of simmering tensions that are increasingly erupting into violent confrontations between squatters and law enforcement agencies, a small token of calmness and humility can achieve so much in defusing the tension.

Impacts of UK’s Decision

The fallout from Britain’s decision to exit the 28-member EU block has had significant impacts on diplomatic, financial and economic aspects. The reverberations have been felt, in some shape or form, in different parts of the globe. As the drive to reverse the referendum is already in full swing and gaining momentum, the outcome is inspiring separationist issues elsewhere.

No Use in War Mongering

News of fresh border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea has led to an explosion of speculation from both sides. Some believe that Ethiopia is shifting the focus of internal anger to an external foe, while others comment that the tensions coincide with a damning report on Eritrea by the UN Security Council. Partly to blame is the revolutionary mindset of both countries’ regimes, and this writer argues that it is time to progress their respective politics into the modern era.


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