NICE Insurance Needs to be More Friendly

National Insurance Company of Ethiopia (NICE) is the first private company, established in 1994, to engage itself in General Insurance. It was locally a moment of truth, at a time when few entrepreneurs dared to invest their contributed shares. It was the first stride to officially get out of the controlled economy of the country.

This friendly insurance company has many sympathizers. I am one of them, as a long-time corporate customer.

I am of the opinion that NICE’s board members and top management group have to critically assess why their company is lagging far behind. As a result, they have to reinstate and maintain their renowned customer service. Your newspaper reported that the Deputy CEO has been forced out of his post (Fortune Newspaper, Vol 17, No. 870). He proclaimed to be a broker after obtaining licenses from the National Bank of Ethiopia. The bank very well knows his prominence in the insurance industry.

The vacant post of the deputy CEO should be replaced by a person who has high integrity, quality leadership and proven interpersonal relationship.

We all wish our friendly NICE to remain nice as used to be.

Longtime Customer.


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