Delight For Your Taste Buds at Cupcake Delights Bakery

Cupcake Delights Bakery offers a wide assortment of cupcakes, but its customers seem to go more for its cinnamon rolls.

The white cream covering the roll and overflowing to the rectangular white plate, this is one delightfully mouth-watering treat. A piece of the roll, which you roll in the cream and eat, makes you want to go for the next bite faster than you think.  It is perfectly moist and very delicious.

“The cakes here are very delicious,” says Beza Mulugeta, 26, a customer enjoying this roll on Tuesday October 2, 2012

She leaves work at 5:00 and comes to Cupcake Delights with friends three to four times a week.

Cupcake Delights Bakery, located atCameron Stin front of Harmony Hotel, has an interesting interior view, too. Natural light shines into the café through it all glass façade. The white painted walls decked here and there with colourful geometric patterns make customers feel easy.

The circular logo, plastered on the glass wall, shows a cupcake with large amounts of cream and a red cherry on top.

Cupcake Delights is established by Andenet Mekonen, a pilot fromDubai. Located on the ground floor ofRobelPlaza, which is rented, the interior design has been done by the owner.  Surrounded by upscale hotels such as Kaleb and Harmony, it has constant consumers from there. And because most of the hotels don’t give similar bakery service, it is customary that foreigners who stay in the hotels come and enjoy their cupcakes especially until 2:00pm in the afternoon. Most of local customers come after 4:00pm.

“Customers get cupcake with same taste every day,” says , Frew Birhanu, production supervisor of the bakery.  The cakes, he says, stay on the shelf for not more than six hours.

“We rather prefer to present fresh cupcakes for our customers,” he said.

Currently, it sells at least 80 cupcakes in different flavours per day; the cupcakes sell for 26 to 30Br apiece. The cinnamon roll costs 26 Br.Frew monitors the customer and kitchen areas with two cameras each at each place.

The cafe has dedicated ladies’ and gents’ rest rooms not shared by the rest of the building.

Marta, a friend of Beza’s, says that the place feels like home for her, because everytime she goes, she finds her friends there.

“I also like the fact that the bakery is very neat and the inside view is very attractive” Marta added.







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