Ethiopia, Eritrea First Step on the Road to Peace

Ethiopia has welcomed the positive gesture by Eritrea’s President Issayas Afeworqi this morning that he will send envoys to Addis Abeba ushering the first step in the road to peace between the two countries.

In his televised address to the Eritrean people in relation to the Martyrs’ Day, Issayas announced his government’s decision to accept the offer from Ethiopia to move on the Algiers Agreement and its unconditional acceptance of the ruling by the Boundary Commission.

“As the case with Eritrea, the people of Ethiopia also relish peace and harmony with their neighbours,” said President Issayas in Asmara. “There is nothing novel in this fact.”

He wants to gauge developments in Addis Abeba “directly and in-depth.”

It is a sign that Eritrea has a change of heart in the two-decade stalemate with Ethiopia. The authorities there seem to be encouraged with the change of leadership within the ruling EPRDF, judged by a statement Yemane G. Mesqel, Eritrea’s Information Minister.

“The events and developments that have unfolded in our region in general and Ethiopia in particular in the recent period warrant appropriate attention,” Yemane twitted today.

Ethiopia was quick in its response, calling a new chapter in its relation with Eritrea.

A brief statement issued by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the administration says it welcomes the envoys from Eritrea and would like to see the dialogue embrace a future where the two countries step up the dialogue for normalisation.

“Ethiopia’s government welcomes Eritrea’s response in good faith. Our country reaffirms its readiness for the talk with Eritrea,” says the statement. “The relationship between the two countries is beyond borders; we would like to express our resolve to take it to a new chapter.”

It was a positive statement issued few hours after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), who was in the south attending community meetings, made a remark through his Chief of Staff, Fistume Arega.

“He [Abiy] has expressed his readiness to warmly welcome the Eritrean delegation to Addis with considerable goodwill,” twitted Fistum.

Two weeks ago, the EPRDF’s Central Committee had announced that Ethiopia would unconditionally implement the ruling by the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission. The Executive Committee’s announcement was made after two decades since the bloody conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea had erupted over a border dispute.

Published on Jun 21,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 947]



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