Five Die Due to Protests in Addis Abeba

No less than five individuals were killed today due to series of and sporadic protests in Addis Abeba, according to Federal Police Commission General, Zeinu Jemal.

The protests were seen in central Addis Abeba on Churchill Road, Mesqel Square and Arat Kilo area, while large crowd was chanting in front of the state owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporatoon (EBC) and Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC).The protests were in response to the widespread violence and gruesome atrocities committed on residents in the western outskirts of the capital, in the Burayu town. The violence led to the death of no less than 28 people and displacement of thousands now sheltered in schools. Many remain unaccounted, according to victims.

The Federal Police Commissioner blamed “forces” he reserved from disclosing their identities for instigating intercommunual conflict, claiming that they are opposed to the political reform in the country.

Federal Police forces have detained large number of suspects, according to Zeinu.

Published on Sep 18,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 960]



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