Premier to Reshuffle Cabinet, Speaker to Change

Abiy Ahmed will have an appearance before MPs tomorrow, the first since parliament confirmed him as a Prime Minister on April 2, 2018, Fortune confirmed.

The motion before Parliament has not been disclosed. But the first order of business could be replacing the Speaker of Parliament, Abadulla Gemeda, by Muferiyat Kamil, deputy head of the EPRDF Secretariate. Presenting his nominees to fill cabinet portfolios that are vacant could also be in the agenda menu. Following the appointments of federal ministers to regional bureaus, there are a number of portfolios that needed to be filled such as ministries of Science & Technology, Communications, and State Enterprises. During his meeting with the private sector earlier the week, Prime Minister Abiy has signalled the possibility of cabinet reshuffle within a week. One change he disclosed, for instance, is the replacement of the Minister of Agriculture, whose portfolio could also be restructured to be Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock.

Other portfolios such as ministers of Defense and Federal Affairs will be the most likely places where reshuffling is expected, while the Foreign Ministry could also be included, according to people close to the process.

Published on April 02,2018 [ Vol 19 ,No 943]



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