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  • Al-Amoudi’s Contributions Merit Recognition

    Dear Editors, A decade ago in Washington D.C., United States, at a closing ceremony for an Ethiopian soccer tournament at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, the guest of honour, Tilahun Gessesse, emerged on a wheelchair to deliver an emphatic speech. He concluded by standing upright and expressing his heartfelt gratitude for one man, Mohammed […]

  • Obituary: Post-Capitalism Thinker Dies, Age 60

    In his own admission, one needs to be “nuts enough” to take the kind of job he was doing in Ethiopia, saving lives of millions of children. For 30 years that was what he did, first arriving in Africa in the mid-1980s. It was a time of youthful enthusiasm and idealism in social justice. He […]

  • Ethiopia Should Avoid the Prospect of Civil War

    Dear Editors, I hope civil war is not a possibility in Ethiopia. Hope is not an action, however. I do not believe that any Ethiopian wants civil war. But certain things happen despite the wishes of the people. As people learn about the death of relatives, they resort to desperate actions. The Nigerian Civil War […]

  • Djibouti’s Government Broke No Laws, is Democratic

    A news article by The National headlined “DP World Launches Legal Action over Djibouti Terminal Seizure”, published on your paper, [Volume 18, Number 930, February 25, 2018], reported on DP World’s launching of legal action over the government of Djibouti’s seizure of the Doraleh Container Terminal. The article, which was sourced from The National, a […]

  • Shoa Neither Plans to Process Juices nor Obtains Land for the Plant

    Your feature story headlined, “Supermarkets Beyond the Hype” [Volume 18, Number 923, January 7, 2018] reported on the naming of supermarkets and the spurring controversies in Ethiopia’s retail market. Shoa Supermarket being the major player in the retail market, the story entertained views from our company. However, it has committed two errors which we would […]

  • We Breached No Law, Rather Started Service After a Call from the Corporation

    In a story headlined “Kuriftu Ceases Catering at Ethio-Djibouti Railway” [Volume 18, Number 927, February 4, 2018] it was reported that Kuriftu Resorts has withdrawn its catering services for passengers of the Ethio- Djibouti Railway (EDR) after a month-long service. Tilahu Srka, director general of EDR, was quoted in the story saying, “we ordered them […]

  • Aviation Giant Comes to Rest

    On Araya Maru’s (Col.) first ever flight, to the United States, by way of Frankfurt, for military training, the captain in charge of the aeroplane had a distinctive face he would later come to remember, long before the two would become life-long friends. It was the early 1960s, and the captain was Alemayehu Abebe, who […]

  • Egypt in Eritrea, Menace to Border Security

    The African Union (AU) peacekeepers must replace Egyptian troops on the Sudanese-Eritrean and Eritrean-Ethiopian borders. It would be akin to African Union troops helping calm tensions in countries such as Somalia throughout the continent. If the AU does not have the funds for more troops or  salaries, then they should not wait for foreign agencies […]

  • Immediate Vacancy for Social Media Curator

    Skills and Responsibility –         Reframe content for various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat –         Work on Breaking News and News Alerts –         Publish content on the website –         Work on content SEO – Search Engine Optimisation –         Work on archiving […]

  • Simplicity, Height of Sophistication

    It has indeed become a pleasure for me to buy and read Fortune – the high quality and well-edited weekly with valuable news and analysis, not to mention inexpensive price tag – at every opportunity. Regrettably, there is an aspect of the paper that at times needlessly makes it reader unfriendly, and that is the […]


    REPORTERS The ideal candidate should handle the pressures of daily deadlines, not be intimidated by workload pressure and stress, and have exceptional writing and reporting skills. Applicants must be well-grounded in news and have the ability to uncover stories about the economic and business sectors. Candidates must be able to write five originally sourced news […]


    The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) currently owns fully or partially equity of the businesses listed under paragraph 3 here below.  The FDRE intends to sell full or partial ownership of these Share Companies and businesses to an investor or a group of investors ready and capable of operating and developing the companies through […]

  • Farewell Solomon Deressa: Acclaimed Poet, Writer, Thinker

    A volume of poetry titled, ‘Lijnet’ literally meaning childhood, published in 1963, grabbed the attention of the public. Many prominent writers and individuals at that time did not fail to criticise it for not adhering to traditional Amharic versification, which is stringently rhythmic and rhyming. Luckily, the art piece did not lose its admirers. In […]

  • Insurance Guru, Habtemariam Shumgizaw Dies at 87

    An officer working in one of the private insurance companies was suspected of theft. All his colleagues and immediate supervisors were angry at him. Surprisingly, the CEO of the firm preferred to differ. He was neither worried about the damage that the suspect caused to the Company nor how shallow the act was. The CEO […]

  • Immediate Vacancy Announcement: IT Support Specialists 

     Job Description:  Maintain our in-office computer networking system by tracking serveractivity, performing upgrades of software, maintaining computer hardware, addressing questions about technical problems, and improving efficiency by evaluating system network functions.  Provide technical support, advice, and assistance to staff members with technical, hardware, and software system problems including our in-office applications.  Modify, install, clean, and repair computer software […]

  • The Year of Loss, Grief

    The past year witnessed the loss of prominent Ethiopian visionaries, artists and athletes. They have left a significant impact on the country and its youth as a whole. Their works and contributions have inspired many in the past and will continue to inspire the future generations. The nation has been grieving the loss of artists such as Tesfaye Sahlu, Solomon Lulu and recently, visionaries like Wolday Amha. ABEL WABELLA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER, takes a glance at their lives and achievements to commemorate them.

  • Objections To Your Prejudicial and Unbalanced Newspaper Reporting

    Objections to your prejudicial and unbalanced Newspaper reporting, Distortions And Unfair comments favoring the Dissolved Ethiopian Airports Enterprise at the expense of Ethiopian Airlines and The Newly Government statutorily established Ethiopian Airlines Group and the Group CEO Urgent request To correct And put matters in true balance and perspective appropriately, Giving value to fair reporting […]


    Independent News & Media Plc, publishers and distributors of the largest English weekly in Ethiopia, Fortune, would like to fill the following vacant positions as urgently as possible. COPY EDITOR We are looking for a successful candidate who is a native English speaker with editing skills who can proofread the entire publication in both soft […]

  • Habte-Selassie Taffesse; Thirteen Months of Sunshine Sets Off

    The economic liberalisation during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie I was what brought tourism to the fore. The Emperor gave the responsibility of establishing this new industry to the appointee with little experience. However, this did not forbid Habte-Selassie Taffesse from trying to overhaul the system. Habte-Selassie started by introducing duty-free shops with a […]

  • What Ails the Media Most?

    I am provoked, if not inspired, by your editorial headlined, “What Ails the Media Its Leaders Reluctant to Talk About” [Volume 18, Number 889, May 7, 2017], which narrates about “the ailment of the media” and “the leaders’ reluctance” to discuss about its functions. The crux of the editorial’s message is the failure of the […]

  • Assefa Chabo, Controversial Politician, Writer, Dies at 75

    He was a man of letters. Reading he did through tonnes of books, reflected primarily in his writings where he loved quoting the notables. But, no other notable may have a personal connection to the life and tribulations of Assefa Chabo, a renowned politician in his own right, as Douglas MacArthur, an American five-star general […]

  • Asserions on Forex Provision by the Central Bank Inaccurate, Misleading

    Dear editors, Strenuous efforts are underway to augment the nation’s economic development ambition, as pronounced in the Second Growth & Transformation Plan (GTP-II), realising the attainment of a middle income earning status by 2025. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), along with other financial institutions, is striving to address the foreign currency component of the […]

  • Injustice to One Is Injustice to All

    Dear editors, Your newspaper has published multiple news stories on the ongoing legal case between Prosper International Plc and Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction Plc (TACON), the most recent story headlined, “Prosper Loses Once Again at the Federal High Court” [Volume 17, Number 882, March 26, 2017]. The recent story unfortunately have failed to capture the crux […]

  • Jagama Kello: Guerilla Without a Gun

    OBITUARY Jagama Kello (Liu. Gen.) passed away on April 7, 2017, in Addis Abeba. He was 96 years old. In an episode that illustrates a typical incident in his life, just after the Emperor’s return from exile in the United Kingdom, Jagama, then still a young man, was hit with a severe bout of malaria. […]

  • Dashen Auction not so Different

    Dear Editors, Volume 17, Issue Number 883 of your Newspaper published on Sunday, April 2, 2017 carried a news story under the headline “Dashen Keeps Auction Under Wraps”. The story reports on the bid opening following the public tendering of 2,136 shares (with par value of Birr 1,000.-) previously held by foreign nationals of Ethiopian […]

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