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  • Guide to affordable online shopping in Ethiopia

    Despite some prevailing issues around Ethiopia’s economy, shopping in Ethiopia still does not have to cost a fortune especially for the discerning few. From handcrafts such as beads, wood carvings, traditional attires and accessories to bags for men and women, the average shopper does not have to break the bank to dress stylishly and be […]

  • Fitawrari Liben Gebre Ethiopia

    Gashie Liben died on April 4, 2015.

  • Despite Talks, Foreigners Unwelcome in Ethiopia

    Dear Editors, I am writing this because I would like to comment on the large advertisement of the country, currently incentivised by the Ethiopian government, in order to encourage foreign investors and tourists to come to Ethiopia. In my humble opinion, foreigners could really help Ethiopia’s growth, by helping to solve the chronic lack of […]

  • Japanese Exhibition a Must Visit

    Dear editors, On Friday, December 12, 2014, some 109 Japanese martial arts weapons and clothes were displayed in the Exhibition Hall of the National Museum, in a timeline from the eighth century to modern Japan. It is almost a week since the exhibition opened, and it will last until January 4, 2015. As a national […]

  • Nothing but the Facts on Website Dispute with Bostex

    Dear editors, In reading over the story headlined, “Ethiopian Entrepreneurs Face Insurmountable Odds” (Volume 15, Number 762, December 7, 2014), I come to believe that I have to set some erroneous facts straight. My name is Tal Dehtiar, the founder of Oliberte Limited. The story wrongfully accuses me of wrongdoings. While I appreciate the nature […]

  • Funding Cultural Centre, Monument Not Similar

      Dear editors, We read the story headlined, “Dilla Intends to Use World Bank Money to Erect Monument” (Volume 15, Number 762, December 7, 2014). We appreciate the fact that you have reflected the views and actions taken by the World Bank. There was just one incorrect fact where the story refers to ‘abuse’ in […]

  • Telecom Struggles In Spite of Investment

    Dear editors, Since the beginning of September 2014 rumors were heard about the coming of Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, to take part in the Telecom Expansion Project (TEP), which lagged behind schedule, since the very beginning in 2013. In November the rumor became headlines in different newspapers across the country, that Ericsson was soon to […]

  • Nib Insurance Shines without Doubt

    Dear editors, We have read the story headlined, “Nib Insurance Makes Profit, Leaves Doubt” [Volume 15, Number 759, November 19, 2014]. And we have found the news article to be full of negatively charged statements and wrong premises that brought about wrong conclusions. We believe that it communicates distorted information about our company, contrary to […]

  • Gov’t Ought to Recognise Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Managers

    Dear editors, I am writing this in response to the story headlined, “A NICE Send Off for Insurance Guru” (Volume 15, Number 755, October 19, 2014), which reported on the imminent retirement of Habtemariam Shumgizaw, who formally completed his tenure as the chief executive officer of the National Insurance Company of Ethiopia S.C. (NICE) on […]

  • Gov’t Slow to Adjust National Oil Prices as Global Prices Decline

    Dear editors, Your editorial headlined, “The Administration Ought to Walk Its Talk” [Volume 14, Number 758, November 9, 2014] attempts to analyse an important issue which, unfortunately, is long overdue. The price of oil has been falling at a steady rate since June 2014. By most estimates, the price of oil, at an international level, […]

  • Gov’t, IMF Wrong on Debt Assessment

    Dear editors, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a statement on October 3, 2014. In its statement, one of its recommendations to government is to consolidate the debts of state-owned enterprises (SOE) with government debts. The government refusal of IMF recommendation is commendable as the suggestion of IMF has no legs to stand on accounting, […]


    The candidate must have deeper understanding of iOS mobile application architecture and working experience with iOS SDK. Skill sets required: OBJECTIVE C, iOS SDK, Experience in UI designing, acquainted with basic iOS SDK APIs including APN and experience in Version Control System Git.


    The candidate must have a deeper understanding of Java programming language and Android mobile application architecture. Skill sets required: JAVA and ANDROID SDK, Experience in Android UI designing, acquainted with basic Android SDK APIs including Cloud Messaging APIs, and Git Version Control System.


    The candidate must have a deeper understanding of web-based systems and be experienced with dynamic web based solutions development. Skill sets required: HTML 5, CSS3, Photoshop, JS, JQUERY, Angular Js, UI frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, TopCoat and Zurb Foundation, PHP, LARAVEL FRAMEWORK, SQL, WEB SERVICES, WORDPRESS and PHONEGAP. The candidate must also have working experience […]

  • Cotton Rises Despite Doomsayers Pronouncements

    Dear Editors, We are writing this in response to the story headlined, “Cotton Collapse” (Volume 15, Number 748, August 31, 2014). We believe that the flaws of the story remind one of the famous Ethiopian saying, “the dog barks well after the hyena left”.  Analogically speaking, then, your story about cotton in Ethiopia came after […]

  • More to Habitat Real Estate Case than Official Assertion

    Dear editor, We refer to the letter from Berhane Abate, managing director of Habitat-New Flower Homes Plc, headlined, “No Seed of Truth in Habitat Real Estate Case” (Volume 15, Number 738, June  8, 2014). We are obliged to respond to the letter because it attempts to damage our honor and integrity, and is full of […]

  • Telecom Billing Problem Calls for Urgent Action

    Dear editor, My encounter about Internet charging forced me to write this. It feels like accounts are not being charged with this latest happening. Many of my friends tell me the “nice” experience they are facing starting about one month ago. At the beginning, I did not believe it since I think it is impossible […]

  • Greedy Competition Hurts the Whole

    Dear editor, I am engaged in the business environment. My message relates to the improper competition I see in the business environment. Though I do not know whether it is a conscious decision or not, I see very big businesses getting involved in small business activities and compete with the struggling small businesses. How is […]

  • No Seed of Truth in Habitat Real State Case

    Dear editor, This is written in response to a story headlined, “Diaspora Homebuyers’ Hopes Dashed” (Volume 15, Number 730, April 27, 2014). We believe that the story is full of misinformation that it reminds us of a previous smear campaign conducted within and outside Ethiopian by some homebuyers a few years ago. That campaign, aimed […]

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