Jigjiga Abattoir Starts Exporting

A Jigjiga abattoir has begun exporting lamb and goat meat to the United Arab Emirates through Bole International Airport, earning 1.5 million Br in just one week of exports. At full capacity, the abattoir will have the capacity to slaughter 200 cattle and camels including 3,000 sheep and goats. The slaughter house exports chilled beef, mutton, goat meat, veal, and offal.

It currently has 70 workers, and is planning to employ 200 more after the full production capacity has been reached.

Jigjiga is one of the four private export standard cattle slaughter houses whose construction was completed in 2015. The largest of all is Allana slaughter house, an Indian-based meat processing company that joined the sector for more than one billion Br. The second largest cattle slaughtering house Alnujum, cost around 177 million Br. The third company Jigjiga Export has an investment cost of 100 million Br. The last factory, Organic, was initiated with 200 million Br, and has a capacity of 1,500tn of sheep and goats and 250tn of cattle.

Jigjiga slaughter house was constructed under a 6 million dollar budget. Its head office is at Faafan Village near Jigjiga, Ethiopian Somali Regional State. It will have the capacity of producing 4,600tn of sheep and goats as well as 5,760tn of cattle meat per year.

Published on Jan 10,2017 [ Vol 17 ,No 871]



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