City Administration Seeks Contractor for 1b Br Landfill Site

The Addis Ababa City Administration (AACA) is making a second attempt to find an international contractor for the close to one billion Birr landfill destined to replace the Reppi site, which has been in use for half a century.

The site, to be constructed by the city’s Cleansing Management Agency’s Solid Waste Recycling & Disposal Project Office (RDPO) and expected to cost 920,491,022 Br, will occupy 137ha of land in Chebe Woregenu at Sendafa, in the Oromia Special Zone.

The city made a first invitation for international contractors on June 16, 2014, but it had to be cancelled after only one company, from France, responded. A minimum of three bids are required for the city to open the offers, says Tsegaye Hailu, communication head for RDPO.

The construction of the landfill is planned to benefit Addis Abeba, as well as Sululta, Lege Tafo, Burayu, Sebeta and Gelan towns in the special zone.

The Reppi site is now under gradual closure by a Norwegian company called ECOCOEN. So far, 19 ha have been closed; on seven of these, a company called Cambridge Waste to Energy is constructing a 158 million dollar plant to generate 50 megawatts of electricity a day.

The construction of the landfill site at Sendafa includes fencing, 9.5 km of asphalt access road with a bridge and four transmission sites – at Reppi, Akaki, Filidoro and Bole Arabsa.

Melcoln Construction will make the road for 292,226,543 Br, with Omega Consulting Engineers PLC consulting on the project. The expected completion date of the road construction is April 5, 2015. The fencing was completed on August 6, with four million Birr by Mesti Engineering Construction; the consultant for this part was Elugi Consults. Both are local companies.

The Reppi site had been an open site.

The landfill is planned to serve for 25 to 30 years, Tsegaye says.

The site selection, and the physical and feasibility studies were conducted by Addis Abeba University (AAU), and Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HOA-REC&N), before the city government took the area for construction.

Farmers that have been relocated from the site have been paid 25 million Br in compensation, considering the potential output from their farms for 10 years, Tsegaye said. The construction of the landfill will be looked over by Artelia, a French Engineering company, with the consultant being an Ethiopian company called Metaferia Consults.

Other infrastructure, such as offices, sanitary rooms and generator houses, are to be constructed by China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC).

The RDPO has 185 workers and in the fiscal year 2013/14 planned to get 1.3 million Br of service charge, achieving 1.2 million Br.

Addis Abeba is home to about 3.5 million residents, and the Oromia Special Zone towns – Burayu, Sebeta, Lege Tafo, Gelan and Sululta – have a population of 195,277, as a study conducted by Artelia indicates. This number is expected to reach 7,054,291 and 720,532, respectively, in 2035.

The new tender will remain open until October 14, 2014.







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