Fana Broadcasting Corporate to Build a Studio with 150m Br

Fana Broadcasting Corporate plans to start Television Transmission in November 2014, according to sources. The media company is building a studio on the eleventh floor of its new building located at Tesema Aba Kemaw street.

The Corporate has plans to rent air time from Ethiopia television or other media as its first experience in Television.

The total budget for the new project is 150 million Br and the company is announcing tenders for the supply and installation of Studio equipments.

Yet the company’s bid to get license for television transmission may face some hurdles. Television transmission in the country is transforming from analogue to digital and is expected to be finalised in three years time, according to sources at the Broadcasting Agency. From now on all equipments used in television transmission have to be digital.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.Co., the Nation’s first commercial National Broadcaster and multi-lingual Radio Station, used to be a clandestine anti-Dergue voice of before its establishment as “Radio Fana S.Co.” in 1994. After the fall of the military regime, Radio Fana has been re-organised under the ownership of the four Regional Endowments. The major share holders of the company are: EFFORT, TIRET, Tumsa and Wondo.

As of January 2011, Radio Fana S.C., grew to Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.Co. FBC’s current capital is 100 million Br and operates three SW, one MW and 7 FM transmitters Nation-wide. FBC employs 450 staff, out of which around 200 are journalists.






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