Furious Tenants Protest Rental Fee Spike

Hundreds of tenants for state owned commercial housing in Addis Abeba protested the recent steep rental fee increase, marching today to the head office of the Federal Housing Corporation.

The tenants, who furiously disputed the sudden rental hikes, which in some cases have risen more than 60-fold, demonstrated for two hours in the morning. The business men and women organized the demonstration following the Corporation’s announcement on December 18 of increases in commercial unit rental fees by an average rate of 2,090pc. The price hike was made on 6,128 business units across the city, which have not had their rents increased in 43 years.

The demonstrators, who are represented by a committee formed from each of the five business districts, have submitted their grievances to the management of the Corporation, which has agreed to review the complaints with the committee and notify them of the result on January 3, 2018.






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