Live Updates: ET 302 Flight …

  • What transpired in the few minutes after it took off can be recovered from the audio recorded in the black box found this morning.
  • The black box from the flight of ET 302, which crashed yesterday morning, has been recovered from the accident site in an area called Ejere between the towns of Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) and Modjo.
  • The flight was piloted by Yared Mulugeta and co-piloted by Ahmedur Mohammed. Four minutes after taking off, the pilot reported to ground control that the control panel went dead. He was told to return to Bole airport for an emergency landing, sources disclosed.
  • Hailing from 33 countries overall, though a plurality were from Kenya, there were no survivors, including two children with Canadian and Polish nationalities, according to people close to the investigation.
  • There were eight cabin crew members and 149 passengers aboard the flight heading to Nairobi when it crashed at around 8:40am.
  • Manufactured by Boeing, the 737 Max 8 aircraft was the second to crash in five months after Indonesia’s Lion Air.
  • The airport lost contact with ground controllers at about 8:40am, and the cause of the accident remains undetermined. The flight bound to Nairobi has no survivors from 149 passengers and eight cabin crew members.
  • “There is no issue of maintenance, and the aircraft is checked clear,” Tewelde Weldemaruam, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Group told the media.
  • Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed this morning in a place called Ejere, between Bishoftu (Debre Zeit), and the town of Modjo.






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